About Us

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Rick Walsh, the owner of Fresh Green Organics, is a 4th generation farmer, born and raised in Klamath Falls. He started driving his grandfather’s tractor at age twelve and has been farming ever since. Rick started out in commercial farming – hay, cattle, potatoes, onions, mint, but in the early 2000s decided to make a change. He realized that compost was the key to healthy soil and the foundation for the way he wanted to farm. He then moved his operation into the geothermal greenhouses and began growing vegetables in rich, living soil. This then transitioned into the Organic micro greens and herbs he grows today for retailers across the Pacific Northwest. Rick enjoys growing safe, nutritious food that his customers can feel good about feeding their family.

Real Soil Is Our Foundation

We are certified organic by CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers).
We grow in organic soil using compost and compost tea. Using this technique ensures the right balance of micro-organisms, creating a healthy vibrant plant, the way nature intended.


Trays are filled with compost and distributed among the tables in the greenhouse. They are seeded and watered by hand. Shortly after, we have a quilt of micro greens!

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful Klamath Basin in Southern Oregon, near Crater Lake National Park (often dubbed the 8th wonder of the world!).  We are blessed with both an abundance of geothermal heat and over 300 days of sunshine each year, earning Klamath Falls the official nickname: “The City of Sunshine”.
We are also just a short distance from the highway 97 trucking route which allows us to ship both North and South on a daily basis.  (We even have a great airport for freight nearby)


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